Currency for your European trip

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When you are preparing for a trip to Europe, you may wonder if you should take foreign currency with you, how much you'll need for meals, and how to make use of debit and credit cards. Plus a handy Starbucks tip!

How well do you know C.S. Lewis? Fun quiz

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I’m sure we’ve all enjoyed reading and watching The Chronicles of Narnia.  C.S. Lewis was a British author, apologist, and scholar, who has helped countless people in their walk of faith. It took him many years to come to faith, but his years of searching gave him...

From London to Edinburgh: 10 Abbeys, Churches, and Cathedrals You Won’t Want to Miss!

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The United Kingdom may be known for its kings and queens, football teams, and fish and chips, but across the British Isles, churches have made a lasting impression on the culture and architecture of the country. Here are 10 of the finest abbeys, churches, and cathedrals that you...

Recommended resources

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Now that you’ve decided to take a Christian tour to Europe, you might be wondering how you can best prepare for the trip. As we’ve been reading, researching, and watching videos about Europe for years, we thought we would share some of our favorites. Please do let us...

No Gluten, No Sugar, No Problem! 10 Ways to Manage Your Diet While in Europe

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Have you ever wished you could visit Germany without worrying about whether or not you can eat the weiner schnitzel? Or how about France’s patisseries full of pure confection perfection? Well, fear not! These days, it’s easier than ever to ensure you stay within your dietary...

Book: The Christian Travelers Guide to Germany

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The Christian Travelers Guides deal directly with what even the best general travel guides only touch on: Christianity’s enormous influence on Europe—and, through its history and culture, Europe’s influence on Christianity. This unique series guides you on a pilgrimage to the...

A fun way to explain Luther’s story

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The cheerful Playmobil figure of Luther, complete with a quill and German-language bible, was produced for the German and Nuremberg tourist boards and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria, in celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation in 2017. I have...

Book: Martin Luther’s Travel Guide

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Offering a chance to visit key places connected to Martin Luther, this guide brings readers to each town, castle, and church where the famed German preached, spoke, or fought. Travelers will find information on the historic towns of Dresden, Eisleben, Erfurt, Gotha, Leipzig,...

Why Is My Water Fizzy and Other Strange Things About Visiting Germany

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Planning a trip to Germany? Be prepared for a few surprises. Germany’s unique culture makes it a fabulous place to visit, but first-time visitors are occasionally confused by the differences in etiquette across the Atlantic. The good news is that Germans are very polite people...