It’s always great to hear from our travelers when they return and we very much appreciate every phone call, e-mail, letter and gift. Here are some of the comments that we’ve received recently:

The tour was so far beyond our expectations and lived up to everything you promised.   From the first meeting to the special tours of each city and the good guides.   Not to mention special meals in fine restaurants.  It also allowed for us to have tourist time to ourselves to explore spaces not on the itinerary.  It was a first ‘all family’ tour for us and continues to be one of the best things we have done as a family.  If we should ever find ourselves able to do another European adventure with our family, you will be our number one go to company.

Toni and Wray, ID

“My wife Sue and I have recently returned from a motoring trip through France and Switzerland. To avoid the problems of spending precious time in seeking out accomodation, we sought a tailor-made service from Reformation Tours, in the person of Rowena Drinkhouse. Our request was to find reasonably priced en-suite accommodations, close to our scheduled stop-overs. As if this wasn’t demanding enough, we also asked that wherever possible, the accomodations be “characterful.” For most stop-overs we were given three possibilities to consider and the consequent choices greatly enhanced our journey. The location maps avoided the difficulties sometimes encountered in finding hotels and our arrivals were always expected. By such services we were able to travel with confidence and also anticipation. The vacation was an adventurous experience and the enjoyment derived was due, in no small measure, to the excellent services of Reformation Tours”

Roy and Sue, UK

Thank you for all your efforts to give us such fabulous memories and an educational trip! We appreciate all the planning and details you thought of to make our trip special!

Tim and Rachel, OR

My wife and I really enjoyed the Luther Reformation Tour in July 2016.   A large proportion of the travelers were from Rejoice Lutheran in Omaha and I don’t believe that there were anything but positive accolades for the whole itinerary and our tour director Astrid that hails from Dresden.  Absolutely all our needs were met before  and during this fabulous journey and to have a fabulous Rhine River cruise to conclude our tour was “icing on the cake”.

As this would be our 5th European vacation, I really was initially ambivalent about moving away from my usual independent travel with my wife, that I extensively plan and double check.  I can’t express how seamless and relaxed we both were, as we were able to  take in whatever activity we wanted  during “free” time.  I would see that this meant it was “value-added” vacation time for us. We view this as a “Pilgrimage,” since Martin Luther shaped and stewarded Protestantism.


John, NE

“As Lutherans, we now have a greater understanding for the price the Protestants paid during the Reformation. We so appreciate the small size of the group. The materials you provided were great for reading on the way, to get ready for the sites of each day. The Augustinian Monastery in Erfurt as a hotel was a rare treat, with a great dining room, too!”

Wray and Toni, ID

“We returned on Friday evening from our travels in Germany, the Czech Republic, and Austria.  What a fabulous experience!  As we toured Berlin, walked in the footsteps of Martin Luther in Wittenberg, Eisleben, and Erfurt, explored the tiny village of Oberammergau, and hiked the path up to Neuschwanstein Castle, we were aware of the time, effort, and thoughtful, careful attention that you devoted to planning this trip for our family.  One of the many meaningful parts of our trip was the day we spent in Berlin with our tour guide Pastor Thomas Lehman.  He had (with your guidance) designed a tour that was especially meaningful and significant to us.  His attention to our daughter, Elizabeth, impressed us all.  What a warm, compassionate person!  We are grateful to you for creating this unique and special opportunity for our family.”

Pastor Susan, SC

It is my privilege to recommend and affirm the outstanding service of Reformation Tours. Having led groups for the study of Reformation and the enjoyment of the various sights in Europe without a doubt Reformation Tours service was excellent, responsive and accommodating before and during the trip. Their selection of hotels, restaurants and guides was both satisfactory and helpful. It was a pleasure to work with a group that share our love for the Biblical truth of the Reformed Faith and who supported our desire for an increased understanding of the legacy which we have inherited from the Reformers who courageously and humbly have gone before us.

Harry L. Reeder, III Sr. Pastor, Briarwood Presbyterian Church

When your search for a tour including Reformers such as Martin Luther, Jan Hus, John Calvin and more has brought you here, look no further! We just returned from the the remarkable Heroes of the Reformation tour, where the Lord touched my heart so many times! From the beginning of the tour, each day was well planned with ample time for prayer, fellowship, and exploration. Upon each move we found our accommodations to be a lovely, homey, comfortable surprise! Many of the meals are included in the tour and were always scrumptious! The local guides were very knowledgable and I felt like a made a new friend with each one we met! Along with gaining a great knowledge of the Heroes of the Reformation, we also had the privilege of visiting many beautiful and famous landmarks, villages, and mountains, such as the Eiffel Tower, lovely and quaint German villages, and majestic Swiss Alps. My life has been changed by this tour and the places and people I met! Thank you Reformation Tours for all the wonderful memories!

Connie, SD

The Heroes of the Reformation Tour was certainly great and in many ways more than expected. The reading before the tour that was sent was excellent and concise, giving a good overview of the Reformation period and helping put together a good picture of all that we were going to see in countries visited. All of the web links to videos and  movies were great as well to make for an excellent preparation. We even received a couple of books on the tour that were not expected and they continued to give more light on the time period. All of the sights visited and the guides were great, and between cities, the videos we watched on the bus provided a lot of background for the Reformers and their work to further the cause of the Christian church. Several times we had dinners at some fantastic restaurants with live folk entertainment and enjoyed getting acquainted with the local culture and learning about the European people of today. The Heroes of the Reformation Tour was very broad in scope and did a super job in helping to learn about so many of the Reformers and their lives and struggles. I have a much greater appreciation of what Christians can benefit from the work they did for us today. I will certainly encourage (as I have been doing) others to consider such a great trip. Thanks Reformation Tours.

Voris, MI

Reformation Tours is the best! For over 40 years of leading student and adult groups to Europe and the Holy Land, I have found no other agency that can compare with the thoroughness, friendliness, attentiveness to detail, to flexibility, professionalism and integrity as Reformation Tours. Their genuine friendliness and willingness to meet the client’s wishes and needs is both unique and commendable. Without a doubt, Reformation Tours is the way to go—to go with expert help, with confidence, with support from a very knowledgeable and professional staff. Thank you Reformation Tours for making our German Heritage Tour a huge success and a pleasurable experience for all of our participants.

Rev. Arthur Schwenk, Indiana

Reformation Tours offers faith and other culture travelers unique opportunities to explore Christian heritage in Europe and the Middle East. As a travel industry professional, I highly recommend the company for individual and group tours. If you want to study the Reformation period, lands of the Bible, or even fun, contemporary culture topics, Reformation Tours is a great source for experiences that will stay with you a lifetime! Thank you, Rowena Drinkhouse, for my wonderful look at Czech Republic.

Ruth, VA

Dear Rowena

Just wanted to thank you for providing such a never-to-be-forgotten tour of the Holy Land. Nola was a gem as tour director – only wish I could remember all of her info. The group was exceptionally close and continues to be so on return. Tour ending with a gospel message at the Garden Tomb was especially meaningful.

Carol, MA

I took more pictures than I have ever taken on any of our trips because we saw so much!  We felt you gave us a very thorough tour of the reformers.  It is amazing that so many reformed men came together in these areas such as Knox and Calvin.  We saw so many places we never dreamed we would see.  We have learned even more about the lives of the reformers when I made up Shutterfly photo album of our trip. May The Lord bless you.”

Dick and Mickey, IN

Reformation Tours was a God-send for our tour through Europe. Rowena was amazingly helpful with ideas about how to make each stop along the way more enjoyable and memorable. She was gracious and patient with all our questions along the way as well. As a result, our tour was outstanding! Reviews from our almost 40 tour participants were excellent, and that was due in no small part to Reformation Tours guidance and help all along the way. If you’re looking to take a tour of Europe focused on the Christian faith, Reformation Tours is the ideal tour-planning choice!

Kent Dresdow, Senior Associate Pastor of NorthCreek Church

I want to commend you especially on your incredible help in preparing for the trip. Your packing lists, what to do before you go, general info about the countries, etc. was the by far the best I have seen for a tour. Thanks for making the whole experience so easy I kept wondering if we really were across the pond!

Fred and Sharon, MD

The Heroes of the Reformation Tour delivered on every promise made. And our after-tour trip to the Oktoberfest in Munich went off exactly as Rowena planned. The bottom line is that these folks demonstrate true professionalism in every aspect of their operation. We would do it again in a minute.

George and Marsha, PA

The tour/trip was everything that we could have hoped for and more! Having never been to Germany, we appreciated the variety of Luther, music and WWII sites. I want to thank you for all of the arrangements you made on our behalf. The travel and accommodations to Norway and Sweden were exactly what we needed to fulfill my desire to visit the sites of my ancestors. Lord willing – we will be able to travel again – and have the pleasure of your expertise. Thank you!

Jerry and Karen, OK

“Seeing the Berlin Wall reminded me that Jesus has removed the dividing wall. We are free from the bondage of sin, like the Berliners were freed when the wall came down. It was really great to travel with Christians to share experiences with.

Elaine, MI

Frank, Thank you for directing the Grand Reformation Tour.  I have been reviewing the pre-tour information and reflecting on the tour experience.  The Grand Reformation Tour delivered beyond what was described—exceeded my hopes.  I have much that is positive to say. This was easily the best of the study trips I have taken—best pre-trip information, best planning, best direction and hosting.  I would be very interested in taking another trip through Reformation Tours next year—which is in itself high praise.”

Rev. Steve, NE

The hotel selections were particularly nice—often Americans travel abroad, stay in US hotel chains, and never really experience a place. Our hotels were comfortable and had great locations. I particularly enjoyed staying at the monastery. Spiritually I felt that I learned a great deal about the Reformation and my own heritage.”

Rick and Sue, MI

Reformation Tours provides great value for the cost. Our tour leader accommodated nicely the varying levels of participant energy and travel experience. The leader’s knowledge base and enthusiasm were exceptional. The study materials before the tour were beautiful and a huge help. Excellent leadership & flexibility. The tour was above & beyond our expectations.”

Harold, MN

Frank & Rowena proved to be a valuable and knowledgeable asset to our group of 30 while navigating around, England and France. Every detail was well planned and well though out. They were always several steps ahead when it came to any problem regarding accommodations, transportation. They made our trip a pleasurable experience. They were a pleasure to work with and full of good fun.”

Matt, MO

“It was a good indication that I would be eager to travel with this company again in that I was not ready for this tour to end.  Well planned, well directed, well informed, but also an enjoyable experience and great value for the money–everything about this trip experience was positive.They did an excellent job of establishing the historical context for the events as well as explaining something of the life and times of the principle characters and their contributions.”

Pastor Steve, NE

Dear Frank

Thank you for a wonderful Reformation Tour in Europe. I will forever remember those days. Thank you for your daily prayer and scripture reading on the tour. One of the remarks you made has lodged itself in my brain – the same grace that was available to Luther and the Reformers is available to us today. Amen!

Hazel, TX

“The travel exalted God’s faithfulness through all generations. I want everything in my life to be more and more God-centered. This trip certainly reinforced this. What we saw was not so much testimony to men’s faithfulness as it was to God’s. History is not about what people have done as much as it is about what God has done. The same God I serve today and who lives in my heart was there with John Wycliffe as he preached in Lutterworth, with John Bunyan as he wrote Pilgrim’s Progress in the Bedford jail, with John Knox as he held his ground against Mary Queen of Scots…. God is just as faithful today.“

Pastor Larry, NY

“Thanks, Frank.  I appreciate the great customer service you and all the other folks at Reformation Tours have provided for this trip.  It’s really top notch!”


I have just returned from the Luther Anniversary Tour, hosted by Uli Buschmann and am extremely impressed with Reformation Tours. Rowena and Frank pay special attention to details such as providing us with excellent information on where we would be staying, eating, and exploring, as well as good reading information prior to the trip. The entire tour was well thought out with a specific itinerary but also enough flexibility to explore some towns on our own. Their very thorough guide book which we received electronically prior to the tour (paper form upon arrival) was full of interesting information about Luther’s theology, the history of the Reformation as well as the historical sites. Uli was a gracious, informative, fun, caring host. He gave us many interesting stories about the country that he loves, and the powerful influence of Martin Luther and the Reformation. It was a fabulous trip with an excellent Christian tour company.

Peggy, MA

If you want a fantastic trip where you see Reformation History come alive, then use Our vacation dates did not line up with their scheduled tour to England and Scotland so Rowena Drinkhouse set us up with a tour tailored to our interests and experience. Her choice of hotels and sightseeing schedule was absolutely perfect. The hotels were comfortable and clean and extremely convenient to prominent sights or transportation centers. The personal tour guides Rowena set up for us were exceptionally qualified, easy to connect with, and gave us insight you might only find in history books. On days exploring on our own Rowena gave us several great suggestions which once again made our vacation “tailor made.” My wife and I enjoyed this trip of a lifetime and we owe it all to Rowena for her personal touch.”

Jim and Marianne, TX

“It has been a week now since I got back from Germany. But I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you personally again for the Reformation Tour. It was the experience of a life time. Probably one of those few comparably brief moments in life I will still think back to when I am in my 90s (Lord willing! 😉 So, thank you for all your careful planning, going the extra mile, personal touches, creativity, and spiritual sensitivity that went into this trip from your end.May the Lord bless you,”

David, PA

“Frank and Rowena of Reformation Tours were a great part of my and my wife’s first-ever trip to Turkey. Frank planned and attended to every detail of the visit from Istanbul, to Ephesus, to Bodrum. In addition to obtaining a deep appreciation for the Turkish people and culture, he was able to impart to us an understanding of the spiritual state of the people. Thanks, Frank and Rowena!!”

Franz and Fran, IL

Thanks for your care and personalized attention.  We learned so much and found the Reformation experience to be so meaningful and relevant.”

Len and Sharon, CA