Saints and Sinners Tour

* Postponed
Tour RTL20, is an 11-day private tour to Italy hosted by Father Andy Buchanan and Professor Terry Lindvall for members of Galilee Church, Virginia Beach. Postponed

Splendors of Italy and Oberammergau Tour

June 17-28, 2022
Tour RIT22, is a 12-day tour to Italy and Germany including excellent seats for the Oberammergau Passion Play. Waiting list only

Tuscan Treasures and the Passion Play

June 4-15, 2022
Tour RJS22 is a 12-day tour of Italy, Austria, and Germany including the Oberammergau Passion Play. Waiting list only

Christian Theological Seminary’s Reformation Travel Seminar

October 6-14, 2017
Tour RLG17 for Christian Theological Seminary is a private 9-day Reformation Tour. Guaranteed departure

Redeemer Reformation Trip

June 8-19, 2017
Tour RRP17 is a private tour for Redeemer Presbyterian Church, to Italy, Germany and Switzerland. Sold out