Urbana Seminary Reformation History Tour

May 20-30, 2019
Tour RUS19, is an 11-day tour of the Czech Republic, Germany, and Switzerland, hosted by Dr. Joe Thomas and Dr. Mark Draper. Guaranteed departure

Swiss Reformation Tour (unescorted)

This is a sample 9 day tour of Switzerland. Focus on Calvin, Zwingli, and Hus.

Highlights of the Swiss Reformation

Sample Tour
This is a sample 9-day in-depth tour of Switzerland, including Reformation history and local culture. Tour focus: Calvin, Zwingli, Knox.

Highlights of the Swiss Reformation

This 9 day in-depth tour focuses on the Reformation history of Switzerland, including Zurich, Basel, Bern, and Geneva, and includes many fun, cultural Swiss experiences.

Redeemer Reformation Trip

June 8-19, 2017
Tour RRP17 is a private tour for Redeemer Presbyterian Church, to Italy, Germany and Switzerland. Sold out