Luther, Castles, and Oktoberfest Tour

September 15-25, 2024
Join Rev. Robert Flohrs on an 11-day Reformation tour of Germany including Berlin, Wittenberg, Eisleben, Erfurt, Eisenach, Rothenburg, Augsburg, Oberammergau, and Munich Now Booking

Tyndale Study Tour

June 3-17, 2024
Tour RJW24 is a 15-day tour in the footsteps of Tyndale. Part 1 (England) is 9 days. Part 2 (Germany and Belgium) is 8 days. Now booking

Prague to Geneva Reformation Study Tour

May 31 - June 10, 2024
11-day study tour from Prague to Geneva with Dr. Joe Thomas and Dr. Mark Draper. Now booking

St. John’s Evangelical Reformation Tour

May 16-26, 2024
Tour RJR24 is an 11-day tour of Germany hosted by Rev. John Richter.Now booking

Christian Heritage of Ireland

May 16-27, 2024
Tour RWM24 is a 12-day Christian tour of Ireland hosted by Cliff and Wendi Morris. Private Tour

Baptist Heritage Tour of Scotland and England

Sample Tour
Sample 12 day Baptist heritage tour of Scotland and England

St. Patrick and C.S. Lewis Tour of Ireland

Sample Tour
Sample 12-day tour of the Celtic history of Ireland

Presbyterian Tour of Scotland

Sample Tour
Sample11 day Presbyterian heritage tour of Scotland including Edinburgh, St. Andrews, Inverness, Iona and Stirling.