Not just churches and museums. See what else we offer!

Afternoon Tea

There’s nothing better than freshly-made scones with jam, cream and hot tea, especially in the delightful Cotswolds. Treat yourself to High Tea in a London hotel and live like royalty!


The highlight of many tours is the opportunity to worship with other believers. We often arrange fellowship at local churches, with the opportunity to meet local Christians.


Love Bach? Enjoy a concert by the St. Thomas’ Boys Choir in Leipzig or listen to authentic instruments in the Bach House in Eisenach. We can also arrange optional concerts in the evenings.


We leave plenty of time for you to choose wonderful souvenirs from your trip. It’s a great opportunity to find hand-crafted and unique Christmas gifts for friends and family back home.

River Cruise

Enjoy a relaxing boat ride on the Rhine River past magnificent castles and wineries. We also include river rides in other cities such as Paris, Prague, Strasbourg and London.


There’s nothing like live theater and we’re happy to book you tickets in the West End in London, which has some incredible shows! The theater district also has great pre-show meals.


Are you an avid reader? You might enjoy seeing C.S. Lewis sites in and around Oxford, or Jane Austen sites in Bath and Chawton. Let us know your European favorites!

World War II

It’s good to remember and we can take you to memorials in Europe, such as the Normandy Beaches, concentration camps, the Bonhoeffer House etc.