Fellowship with other believers is a wonderful privilege and a foretaste of heaven. In Revelation 15 v 4, we read, “All nations will come and worship before you”. Why not start right now…

Whether you live in Germany or are just visiting, these churches will warmly welcome you. This list is correct to the best of our knowledge, but we are not responsible for any recommendations. If you know of other churches, just let us know!

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Baumholder Trinity Baptist Church
Berlin American Church in Berlin
International Baptist Church
International Congregation of the United Methodist Church
St. George (Diocese in Europe)
Gateway International Church
Church-on-the-Way (Gemeinde auf dem Weg) - German site
Bielefeld International Baptist Church
Bitburg Trinity Baptist Church
Bonn American Protestant Church
St. Boniface (Diocese in Europe)
Bremen International Baptist Church
Celle International Baptist Church. Email:
Cologne International Baptist Church
All Saints (Diocese in Europe)
Darmstadt English Language Bible Study
Church of the Good Shepherd (Convovation of American Churches)
Dortmund United Methodist Church. Tel: +49[0]231 458609
Dresden English Language Fellowship (UMC) Emmauskirche. Tel: +49[0]351 421 5543
Düsseldorf Düsseldorf International Baptist Church
Protestant Fellowship (UMC). Tel: +49[0]211 357 795
Christ Church (Diocese of Europe)
Frankfurt Trinity Lutheran Church
Methodist English Language Ministry
Bethel International Baptist Church
Church of Christ the King (Convocation of American Churches)
Rhein Valley Cell Church Ministries
Freiberg / Sachsen United Methodist Church. Tel: +49[0]37322
Anglican Church in Freiburg (Diocese of Europe)
Friedrichshafen Bodenseehof Bible School & Conference Center
Giessen Giessen International Baptist Church
Grafenwoehr / Vilseck Grace Baptist Church
Charity Baptist Church Tel: +49 09605-9250661
Hamburg International Baptist Church
City Light Hamburg
English Church of St. Thomas à Becket (Diocese in Europe)
International United Methodist Church at Church of the Cross
Hannover Hannover International Bible Church
International Christian Church
Heidelberg The English Church Heidelberg
United Methodist Church (bilingual services)
Kaiserslautern Faith Baptist Church
Karlsruhe Anglican - Episcopal Mission Church (Convocation of American Churches)
Leipzig Leipzig English Church (Diocese of Europe)
Munich Peace United Methodist Church
Munich International Community Church
International Baptist Church
Ascension (Convocation of American Churches)
Nuremberg Word of God
Oberursel International Christian Fellowship of the Taunus
Stuttgart International Baptist Church
Weiterstadt Rhein Valley Baptist Church
Wiesbaden Immanuel Baptist Church
St. Augustine of Canterbury (Convocation of American Churches)
Wiesbaden Church of Christ
Wittenberg Wittenberg English Ministry
ELCA Center
Wuppertal / Remscheid International Baptist Gospel Church. Email: