The Challenge of the Coronavirus

How your travel is affected during the spread of Covid-19
Official Travel Advice

Reformation Tours shares your concerns about the coronavirus and travel safety. Our biggest priority is the health and well-being of our travelers and all tours have been postponed until at least March 2022 , meaning we have a gap of two and a half years from our last pre-covid tour in September 2019.  Click here to see when international travel will open in this country-by-country guide.

Here is a summary chart of the countries that we typically visit and the current travel restrictions (updated 6/19/21). Please note this is not an official chart. We recommend clicking on the country name for the U.S. Embassy website in each country.

We highly recommend travel insurance and here’s a traveler’s guide for Covid-19 and insurance.

All countries, even if open to US Tourists, will require  a vaccination certificate, a negative test (must be an approved test) or documentation about recovery from Covid within 90 days of travel.

  Open to US Tourists? Quarantine
Austria No 10 days
Czech Republic No 10 days
France Yes 7 days
Germany Yes varies
Greece Yes 7-14 days
Ireland Yes 14 days
Israel No 10-14 days
Italy Yes
Netherlands Yes 10 days
Switzerland Yes
United Kingdom No 10 days

Are vaccines / masks necessary to go on a tour?

We are constantly monitoring the rules and recommendations about travel, which are changing constantly. We will make sure that you are fully informed about the regulations that affect your tour. Vaccines and/or proof of a recent negative test may well be required before boarding your flight or for cruises. Although we aren’t mandating masks, all travelers will need to abide by the rules of the airlines / countries visited. All countries, even if open to US Tourists, currently require a vaccination certificate, a negative test (must be an approved test) or documentation about recovery from Covid within 90 days of travel. We are not mandating a vaccination before joining our tours, but all travelers will need to follow the guidelines for the countries visited. Travel insurance is highly recommended.

Here is the refund plan:

Although many companies are only offering credit vouchers, we refunded as much cash as we possibly could. Some of our Passion Play travelers were issued credit vouchers (for the deposit only) due to the high cancellation penalties we were charged by some suppliers and the non-recoverable expenses.  We have reduced our operating expenses to the minimum.

Insurance update on June 3: We have transferred insurance to new tour dates  and all travelers can use their existing insurance credit for their new departures.

1st wave of refunds: Mailed on May 22/23, 2020

  • Final payment
  • Group air
  • Pre / Post tour travel
  • Single supplements
  • Credit voucher for tours in 2021/2022 (based on cost of 1st and 2nd deposits)
  • Oberammergau gift book

2nd wave of refunds:
We will have cash flow to issue further refunds after travel has resumed and we can use supplier credits. Please note that we are 100% commission based, meaning that we have $0 tour income until a tour actually operates.

  • Credit vouchers can be used towards any open tour in 2021 and 2022
  • Credit vouchers on the RCC22 cruise are fully transferable
  • Travelers can apply for a partial refund (less the administration fee). These refunds are not likely to be available until 2022, as we have to purchase the new Oberammergau tickets for 2022 and we won’t have cash flow until tours begin.