Traveling With Confidence

Health and safety during Covid-19
Official Travel Advice

At Reformation Tours, we take your health and safety very seriously, which is why all travelers had to be fully vaccinated for all our 2022 tours.

We have been working with our suppliers to ensure that we have a comprehensive set of health and safety measures in place for all our 2022 departures.

International travel, especially during a pandemic, has inherent risks. We have a Health and Safety Waiver that all travelers will need to sign within 2 weeks of departure.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention advises against non-essential international travel for those who are not vaccinated. Individual countries in Europe can set their own entry requirements and the most recent information can be found on the Star Alliance website. As many places may not allow entry to unvaccinated Americans after the summer, we require all travelers to be vaccinated. We will be keeping this requirement throughout 2022.

We highly recommend travel insurance and here’s a traveler’s guide for Covid-19 and insurance. Most travel insurance policies do not cover cancellations due to travel bans and border closures. Unvaccinated travelers are at much higher risk of being denied entry.

For those travelers who had credit vouchers and chose not to travel on a tour in 2022, we planned to process refunds once travel resumed and we had positive cash flow, less the non-recoverable costs, insurance, and credit card fees. Please note that sales were lower than expected due to the ongoing nature of Covid, the Ukraine crisis etc..  Many tours ran below minimum numbers and so profits have not been sufficient to cover the cancellation penalties we were charged for 2020 tours, as well as all the other expenses. We will be in touch once all the tour payments to suppliers have been finalized.  Our insurance company had decided not to cover pandemics well before Covid became an issue, so they wouldn’t reimburse any claims. We did get some government help but this was a loan with interest. We used these funds to pay refunds and only $6K was forgivable.

Reformation Tours’ Responsibility

  • Inform clients about the destination requirements prior to travel
  • Liaise with suppliers to provide contingency plans in case of emergencies
  • Confirm that all suppliers are compliant with government and health authority guidelines
  • Ensure that all travelers have adequate health insurance or sign a waiver
  • Promote social distancing and mask-wearing on transportation and in public places
  • Work with group leadership to confirm protocols, expectations, and areas of responsibility
  • Arrange testing during the tour when required (travelers will be invoiced for the cost)

Travelers’ Responsibility

  • Bring proof of full vaccination (including a booster) on the tour (administered at least 14 days before departure). Exceptions only for children under 12.
  • Practice social distancing and mask-wearing whenever required
  • Bring their own masks, sanitizer, and replenishing supplies
  • Purchase adequate health insurance or sign a waiver
  • Agree to temperature checks during the tour
  • Immediately seek medical assistance if symptoms develop and work with local health officials for testing and treatment (own cost)
  • Sign the Reformation Tours’ Health and Safety Waiver within 2 weeks of departure and give updates if the answers have changed