Christmas in July Giveaway

Win a European Christmas tour to Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic!
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The drawing will take place on July 9, 2018 and the winner will receive credit to cover the land cost of the tour. The prize is dependent on a minimum of 20 participants by this date. Winner must have signed up for the tour prior to July 9 and have paid their deposit.

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Netherlands and Swiss Heritage Tour

June 13-21, 2020
Tour RNS20 is a 9-day tour of the Netherlands and Switzerland. Optional add-on tour to the Oberammergau Passion Play.

Branch Church UK History Tour

Postponed to 2021
Tour RCA20, is a 12-day private tour of Scotland and England, from September 11-22, 2020, hosted by Pastor Chuck Allers. Postponed to April 2021

Highlights of Eastern Europe

May 25 - June 5, 2021
Tour REE21, is a 12-day tour to Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, and the Czech Republic hosted by Rev. Dr. Scott Seay.

Mayflower Anniversary Tour

Tour MMA20, is a 12-day Mayflower history tour of England from June 5-16, 2020. Postponed to 2021

Mayflower Pilgrims: Beginning the World Anew, 1620 & 2020

Tour MDF20 is a 14-day tour of the Netherlands and England hosted by Mayflower history experts David Furlow and Lisa Pennington. Postponed until 2021

Baptist Heritage Tour of Scotland and England

July 14/16 - 27, 2021
Tour RED21, is a 12 day Baptist heritage tour of Scotland and England, hosted by Pastor Eric and Kristi Chaffin. All welcome!

Journey of the Heart

Postponed to 2021
Tour RPR20, is an 11-day tour of the Celtic history of Ireland hosted by Pastor Scott Dunfee, Pastor John Reutter-Harrah and Patti Ryall.

Oberammergau Celebration Cruise

August 15-24, 2022
Tour RCC22 is an exclusive 10-day cruise on the Danube, including excellent seats for the Oberammergau Passion Play.