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Open Tours

These are all tours suitable for individuals, families, and small groups - all welcome!
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Crossroads Baptist Reformation Tour

April 11-24, 2018
Tour RBM18 is a 14-day tour to the Czech Republic, Germany, France and Switzerland hosted by Bradley Morefield and Cory Bing.

British Christian Heritage Tour

May 10-22, 2018
Tour RSS18, is a 13 day tour of England and Scotland hosted by Pastor Jason & Sandra Steele. Tour focus: Celtic Christians, C. S. Lewis, Knox, Wesley, Cranmer and more.

Grand Reformation Tour

May 13-25, 2018
Tour RJM18, led by Frank Drinkhouse, is a 13-day tour of Germany, France and Switzerland. Tour focus: Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, Knox, Hus.

Best of Ireland 2018

May 16-27, 2018
Tour RIR18 is an 12-day cultural tour of Ireland and Northern Ireland hosted by Taree McGee.

Highlights of the Swiss Reformation

May 26-June 3, 2018
Tour RSH18, led by Frank Drinkhouse, is a 9 day in-depth tour of Switzerland including Reformation history and local culture. Tour focus: Calvin, Zwingi, Knox.

Reformation Heritage in Sights and Sounds

June 7-19, 2018
Tour RKC18, hosted by Rev. Kirk Clayton, is a 13 day tour of Reformation sites in Germany with a focus on music and art.

Methodist and Presbyterian Heritage Tour

September 6-17, 2018
Tour RRH18, is a 12 day tour of England and Scotland hosted by Pastors Randy Hall and Jill Alventosa-Brown.

Lutherland and Bavaria Tour

September 27-October 8, 2018
Tour RDM18 is a 12 day tour of Germany and Austria, hosted by Rev. David Meggers. Tour Focus: Luther

Private or Full Tours

These tours are custom-created for churches, seminaries, schools, and organizations.
Call (800) 303-5534 if you'd like us to design a tour for your group. We'd be delighted to talk to you!
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Europe Prayer Journey

April 25/27-May 8, 2018
Tour RLW18 Europe Prayer Journey is a private 14 day tour for friends of the Free Methodist World Missions

Arise and Build Church Planting & Presbyterian History Tour

May 11-22, 2018
Tour RBB18, is a private 12 day tour of Scotland hosted by the Rev. Dr. Case Thorp from First Presbyterian Church of Orlando Waiting-list only

Galilee Church Reformation Tour

May 18-27, 2018
Tour RTL18 is a 10-day tour of the reformation sites in England and Scotland, hosted by Father Andy Buchanan and Terry Lindvall Guaranteed departure

Best of Britain Tour

June 2 - 10/13, 2018
Tour RRM18 is a 9-day cultural tour of England for friends and family of Belleville East High School, with Rome Extension.

Journeys of Paul in Greece and Rome

June 21 - July 2/6, 2018
Tour RJS18 is a private 12-day tour Greece, with a post-tour to Rome, hosted by Pastor Jeffrey Stuckwisch. Guaranteed departure

McKendree Alumni Tour to England and France

July 6-14/17, 2018
Tour RMK18 is a 9-day cultural tour of England for friends and family of McKendree Alumni Association, with Paris Extension.

United Kingdom Cultural Tour

July 15-28, 2018
Tour RHM18, is a private 14- day tour of England, Scotland, and Ireland, hosted by Pastor Brad and Heidi Meyer